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                        HOW TO TAKE BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS

This is just a few words to help you get better photos of your home...especially if you are sending the file to me to make a painting or “Artistic Rendering”.  You are in a unique position to take the photos on a day when the light is very good or when you have flowers or trees blooming and looking their best. Digital cameras love sunlight or partly cloudy days.  When you take the photo, try to wait until you can have the sun behind you. I can improve a lot of photos, but they will be better paintings if the home is exposed properly. Shooting directly into the sun is not the best time.  At least wait for a partly cloudy or even cloudy day to photograph the home. Make sure you leave a little room on each side of the house, in case I have to crop the photo a little or straighten it. Some retouching can be done, but don’t take pictures with trash cans, kid’s toys or cars in driveway, unless you want the car in the photograph.  I will try to remove or fix some problems like spots of dead grass or utility boxes in yard.  I will add a cloudy blue sky or sunset to help the composition and remove things that don’t add anything to the picture. I try to make these renderings look like I was there with a canvas and paint brushes. Sometimes you don’t have complete control of when the photo is taken, like if this is a surprise or gift for relative or friend, so if the file is not the quality I need, I will contact you and discuss what can be done. I don’t want to send you something you or I are not proud of.  Make sure to set your camera or cell phone to take the best quality photos that you can...and when you email to me, send the original high quality size...not a social media size.

Call if you have questions or need more help.


Thanks Jim

903 894-4644

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